Weekly Insights. January 20, 2024

Weekly Insights. January 20, 2024

Best hospitality industry articles focused on 💵revenue, 📊markets, and 🎯strategy (Jan 14 - Jan 20, 2024).

Alex Kapichin

Shaping the future of hospitality: Continuous improvements or radical changes?

"Will the next 50 years bring the Great Decoupling or the Great Collapse?" [1] All bets are on the former when economies thrive decoupled from greenhouse gas emission. Decoupling must equally occur between societal development and biocapacity. The hotel sector has developed many sustainability and ESG approaches to chart a course of action towards decoupling growth from resource intensity which is known as the Great Decoupling.

Considering the fragmented nature of the hospitality sector with its complex ownership and management models and reliance on a complex (and impactful) tourism value and supply chain, two questions are asked (feel free to tackle only one question of your choice, or all of course):

  1. Are incremental improvements of business models and processes a safe bet and sufficient to achieve substantial and required change? (with supporting examples)
  2. What do you think is/are the radical change(s) necessary in the tourism and hospitality sectors to effectively deal with major sustainability challenges? (with supporting examples)

Decoding hotel expenses: Understanding costs through the guest journey

A deep understanding of cost categories and their alignment with the guest journey is not just insightful – it's critical. This blog post delves into why recognizing and managing these costs is paramount. It explains how each cost category can significantly enhance a hotel's operational efficiency when strategically allocated to different stages of the guest journey.

10 reflections on budget season: Lessons learned

As another budget season in the books, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on the lessons learned from this critical period. I talked with the HSMAI Rising Revenue Optimization Leader Council about the challenges faced and strategies employed during this time. Here are our key takeaways for future planning and continuous improvement.  

As we dive into 2024, the buzzword is 'personalisation', stretching across both digital and physical realms. It's a year where hotel marketers are reshaping their strategies to mirror the high-tech lifestyles of modern travellers. Think cutting-edge video content, innovative tech for daily operations, and the rise of virtual tours–it's all here. Dive into the biggest trends that are making waves in the dynamic world of hotel marketing this year.

Sabre’s global team member survey reveals what really matters to travel industry insiders when making 2024 travel plans

Spending more, booking earlier, lost luggage fears and delayed revenge travel are some of the insights provided by Sabre’s global workforce in a recent survey about 2024 travel planning

Ever wondered what travel industry experts consider when booking their own trips? Sabre has surveyed its own global workforce to provide insights into possible industry traveller trends for 2024.

As the pace of evolution in the travel ecosystem continues to accelerate, industry expertise is more valuable than ever. Combining the insights of hundreds of Sabre team members globally alongside Sabre’s data analytics, Sabre has taken a deep dive into how these individuals plan to travel in 2024.

How to properly record packages in your hotel

Packages are, on the one hand, straightforward. They are a well-established offering in most hotels, customers love them, and they are not going away. On the other hand, most hoteliers are at a loss to properly set up and manage the transactions so that they do not end up with a mess in their books and systems. That is what this piece is about: How to properly administer these seemingly complicated and unruly devices.

Hotel mobile check-in: A complete guide

Hotel mobile check-in is a technology-driven process that allows guests to check into their hotel rooms using their mobile devices, without the need to queue at the front desk. This innovative service typically involves a hotel’s app or mobile website where guests can confirm their arrival, choose their room, and in some cases, even access their room using a digital key.

Online check-in completely transformed the Airline industry. Until now, the hospitality sector has been slow to follow. One reason has been the lack of strong business needs, but also the complexity of the project. But as guests are demanding it, more and more hotels are embracing this technology.

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