The mission of Hotel Revenue Insights is to help hotels maximize hotel profitability and asset value by sharing insights, tips, recommendations, and expert opinions.

If you provide hospitality service or technology that improves hotel operations, marketing, and revenue management, I am happy to share the details with my worldwide audience - Hotel Revenue Insights website visitors and subscribers, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram.

Collaboration types:

  1. Detailed review. I will write an objective review of your service or technology. I will invest time learning about your service or technology (read, watch a presentation, one-one sessions, etc.) and write a review highlighting the main benefits. The examples of review articles - IVI by Infinito, NOR1, PrivateDeal, The Hotels Network, Forward STAR.
  2. Guest post. Share information about your hospitality service or technology and (or) an industry-related opinion article on Hotel Revenue Insights. Example - BenchDirect.
  3. Opinion article for your blog. I will write an exclusive article for your blog discussing the requested topic. The examples - Hospitality Net, Catala Consulting.
  4. Banner Ad. Promote your hospitality service or technology on Hotel Revenue Insights. Banners can be placed on the main page or any specific page of the website.

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