Weekly Insights. March 30, 2024

Weekly Insights. March 30, 2024

Best hospitality industry articles focused on 💵revenue, 📊markets, and 🎯strategy (Mar 24 - Mar 30, 2024).

Alex Kapichin

Customer experience management: Business vs. Customer expectations

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses is the growing gap between what business leaders think good customer service is and what customers want. In this article, we’ll cover a few of the basics, discuss how customers’ and leaders’ perceptions often differ, and provide tips to close the gap and get your CX strategy back on track.

3 ways to leverage your hotel’s PMS data for Revenue Management success

To ensure you are maximizing your PMS data, in this blog post, we explore some of the important discoveries you can make buried away in your PMS data - data that, when used effectively, will ensure that you are delivering on your KPIs and growing your bottom line.

From luxurious spas to gourmet dining experiences and attractive amenities—hoteliers have a lot to show. Each of your qualities demands a spotlight. And as you fight for travellers’ attention, one crucial mistake to avoid is to overwhelm them.

Presenting this much information without overwhelming visitors requires a thoughtful approach. Enter the carousel website messages, a dynamic solution that blends elegance with efficiency. Carousel website messages are a powerful tool to showcase multiple offers, services, or packages in one place. Through vivid imagery and strategic calls-to-action, carousels keep guests interacting with the website in a non-overwhelming, yet thoroughly engaging way. Here are the top tips to help you make the most of the power that carousel messages hold.

3 hotel HyperCommerce tactics for faster direct bookings

The abundance of options is exhilarating but also overwhelming. So, amidst an ocean of destinations, glittery social media posts, and hotels all vying for her attention, how can yours stand out from the rest and inspire her to book in just a few seconds? Keep reading this article to find out.

Why do hotels smell so good? Complete hotel scent guide

Whether you’re a hotelier or traveller, you’ve probably noticed that most hotels smell incredible. But why? Why do hotels smell so good? Is it natural? Where does it come from? Do different hotels have unique smells? More importantly, why does any of this matter? We’re unlocking the answers to those questions and more. 

Harmonizing art, architecture, and design for hospitality success

"Art and culture are the lifeblood of a space - the connection to something larger that all humans intrinsically want to be part of. They work with architecture and design to accentuate the intended mood and vibe of a space." This was one of several testimonials received from a study of hundreds of real estate professionals for the biennial State of the Art Report by NINE dot ARTS. What emerged from the study was a timely and powerful realization: that architecture, design, and art and culture are equally essential for achieving project success. And as the hospitality industry continues to bounce back from the pandemic while navigating economic challenges and changing traveler preferences, such realizations cannot be understated.

Below I describe how the results of this report can benefit the hospitality industry in particular, helping leaders maximize their return on investment by treating art and culture as equally critical as architecture and design.

How technology is evolving to help hotels monetize spaces

Beyond the bed, hotel services, hybrid hospitality, call it what you will, hotels are looking to sweat every inch of their real estate. Think anything from spas and day working passes to parking and yoga classes.

Here's the rub: Until recently the technology has not enabled the sale of these sorts of ancillaries in the booking flow, creating a headache across reservations and revenue management teams and a poor experience for guests.

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