Video Insights: Webinars & Discussions (Volume 4)

Video Insights: Webinars & Discussions (Volume 4)

Best hospitality industry webinars, interviews, discussions focused on revenue management, marketing, technology, strategy (June 11 - June 30).

Alex Kapichin

THE REVENUEMANAGER: Benchmarking, A new Concept of COMP SET - episode #6

Hospitality Net

Episode topic: why is comp set data essential in hotel revenue management? The loss of relevance of the historical data due to the pandemic made other factors more influential. Demand, present data (OTB, pick up, pace), and the comp set are our compass. Which is my comp set? Is there only one comp set? And how to select it?

The New Outlook for Revenue and Distribution in 2021

FunnelTV the travel tech channel

This event will help you answer:

How distribution has evolved in 2021? How can hotels choose the right distribution channel? How technology is positioned to help hoteliers in finding new distribution channels? The right distribution strategy for finding instant demand. The concept of "Distribution Marketplace".

Part 1

Part 2

The distribution landscape and the power that AI is bringing to the market

HSMAI Channel

Changing distribution landscape – How can AI help hotels in boosting their own booking channels in reference to the power of OTA

Revenue HACKS: Hotel segmentation vs distribution channels


Hotel segmentation vs distribution channels - do we still need to price based on segmentation?

Hospitality & Marketing Summit: How to Optimize Your Travel Marketing in the Era of Personalization


In this conversation, we hear from Marc Vermut, VP of The Knowledge Lab at Neustar, about how to successfully manage and deploy customer data to create smarter hospitality marketing strategies to help accelerate recovery.

Soundbites Podcast: Upper Funnel Data

Sceptre Hospitality Resources

Nadine Böttcher, Head of Product Innovation, with OTA Insight, joins Jason Emanis, from Sweden.

The Hotel Financial Coach - Independent Hotels and Financial Leadership

David Lund

Three key concepts that focus on how independent hoteliers can improve their financial results

7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them

Revenue Hub

In this discussion we pick up on a recent case study Jack Lindemuth, Founder at JLL Commercial Strategy Consulting wrote following a consultancy project with an independent 4-star boutique hotel. Jack was brought in to figure out why the property’s revenue struggled to improve despite investment from the owners.

Through this project Jack identified 7 key findings, let us call them ‘Commercial Mistakes’ the property was making, and these 7 points form the basis of this discussion.

The New World of Revenue Management: Kate Burda, Kate & Co.

The Proven Principles Hospitality Podcast

Kate is the CEO and Founder of Kate Burda & Co, a consulting firm that leads revenue performance and growth strategies for hotels, hospitality brands, owners, investors, and management companies.

As they say, revenue cures all problems, so the trifecta of Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing have never been more critical - but approaching them with the same thinking as we did pre-pandemic is not going to do you any favors.

In this episode, we’re exploring what that means so you can sustain these peaks long into the future.

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