Video Insights: Webinars & Discussions (Volume 7)

Video Insights: Webinars & Discussions (Volume 7)

Best hospitality industry webinars, interviews, discussions focused on revenue management, marketing, technology, strategy (Aug 6 - Sep 1).

Alex Kapichin

HN World Panel Live: Where does the PMS sit in a hotel's new technology stack?

Hospitality Net

When it comes to hotel tech, we may all agree that PMSs are at the top of the food chain. However, a new wave of leaner systems is rising. These systems are less about "managing the property," and more about integrating third-party software. So the question is where does the PMS sit in a hotel's new technology stack?

Revenue HACKS: Spa Update


We will talk about how SPA experiences have changed, what are the current trends and how to invest in the right training when it comes to selling time.

Here to Stay: COVID-19 Responses Transform Hospitality and Restaurant Operations


After COVID-19, what changes can we expect from the hospitality industry?

Talent Management and The Future

International Luxury Hotel Association

Experts in HR give insight on what the future holds for talent management in the hospitality industry.

3 Actionable Ways to Drive More Revenue

SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources

Join SHR and Expedia for a joint webinar filled with recent traveler research, actionable takeaways, and software best practices to attract high-value guests as travel recovers around the world. Learn what travelers are looking for.

How Limited Service Hotels can Restore Revenue NOW with these 3 Proven Techniques

Frontline Performance Group

In today's climate, uncovered revenue can be a lifeline. There is no greater opportunity for found revenue than at your most critical customer touchpoint--the frontline. But unfortunately, many limited service hotels do not think it is possible for a hotel their size to drive incremental revenue at the frontline via an upsell program. This recorded webinar dispels that myth and shows exactly how to effectively maximize revenue at your frontline immediately, at zero cost.

How To Offer Upsells and Pocket More Profit


Watch Guesty's virtual event featuring special guests from Duve, UpsellGuru, and Arca Properties as they share how to maximize your bookings by driving increased revenues via upsells.

Introducing a Digital Identity for Hospitality & Travel


Presentation by Nick Price on Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Digital IDs, and the capabilities of these technologies to revolutionize technology in hospitality and travel.

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