Video Insights: Webinars & Discussions (Volume 2)

Video Insights: Webinars & Discussions (Volume 2)

Best hospitality industry webinars, interviews, discussions focused on revenue management, marketing, technology, strategy (May 13 - May 26).

Alex Kapichin


RISE Weekly

Will leisure and business travel return to the cities?

FEATURING: Fred Dixon - President & CEO of NYC & Company and Keith Tan - Chief Executive of the Singapore Tourism Board

How digital transformation is driving the digital customer experience

HSMAI Channel

Remy Merckx – Travel Industry, Digital Expert

Loren Gray - Founder & CEO at Hospitality Digital Marketing and a past chair of the Digital Marketing Council of HSMAI America

The Golden Age of Hotel Technology


Discussion on how we have entered the golden age of hotel technology and those who leverage new innovations will meet new guest expectations while jumping ahead in their respective compsets.

An expert panel discussion with the 5 leading hotel software vendors: David Purcell, Director Software Development at Infor, Kevin King, COO at Shiji Group, Bob Graham, CEO at Eventtemple, Vincent Goemaere, CEO and Founder at StarDekk, Laurent Cardot, CEO and Co-Founder Ariane Systems, Jos Schaap CEO and Co-Founder at ROOMDEX.

HSMAI Customer Insight: Expect An Onslaught Of Travelers Soon


According to their latest consumer research, Fuel says, “We’ve already seen a giant boom in some markets over the last 6 weeks of people booking hotel rooms. Some properties are seeing more than double the revenue booked online compared to 2019. The data in this survey shows that people are ready NOW to research, book, and travel in the very near future. ”

Hear insights into the finding prepared for HSMAI by Melissa Kavanaugh, Fuel’s Director of Analytics.

THE REVENUEMANAGER: Focus on Productivity - episode #4

FunnelTV the travel tech channel

With many hotels having to lay off staff and run operations with skeleton crews only, productivity has increasingly come into focus. How does this affect hotels, and what can hoteliers do to navigate this?


Claire Hemphil, Head of Revenue & Systems Management at Whittlebury Hall Conference, Training Centre, Hotel & Spa

Julien Barré, Director of Revenue and Reservations at Rosewood Hotel

Pablo Torres, Hotel Consultant & Trainer at TSA Solutions

Moderated by Scott Dahl, Master's Program Director - Les Roches Global Hospitality

How has Covid Affected Hotels?

Sherri Kimes

Sherri Kimes is a globally recognized revenue management expert. She is a Professor at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and has been teaching, conducting research, and consulting for over 25 years.

Sherri Kimes and Dave Roberts recently completed a study on the impact of Covid on hotels. Here's a short video that summarizes the major findings.
How has Covid Affected Hotels??
Dave Roberts and I recently completed a study on the impact of Covid on hotels. What was particularly interesting (and inspiring!) was how people talked about the resilience that they had developed during the pandemic. As one person said, “It was amazing how much we could do with so little.” We hop…

Revenue HACKS: How to budget, forecast and plan?


Guest speaker and hosts:

David Lund - Hotel Financial Coach

Khristina Quigley – Key Account Director at Hoist Group

Sheila Krishnan - Revenue Management Consultant, SK Consultancy

Thibault Catala, Founder & Managing Director, Catala Consulting

Calvin Tilokee – CEO & Creative Director at Revpar Media

Hospitality Talks

Projecting the future for tourism and hospitality is a challenge under the current circumstances. There are many paths to success but there are several challenges along the way. How will this sector change as the recovery begins?

Hospitality Talks is thrilled to bring three professionals together that have a global vantage point. We are joined by Alex Dichter – Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Aradhana Khowala – Chief Executive Officer, Aptamind Partners, and Virginia Messina – Senior Vice President Advocacy, World Tourism & Travel Council.

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